Who are we?

Providing advice and solutions
to our clients since 2004.

With the current developments in our industries towards IT, Euplink continues its transformation to stay at the forefront. Leveraging our experience, we excel at supporting your projects related to contribution (IP, RF…), network head-ends, transitioning from SDI to 2110, monitoring and video walls, among others.

Euplink, Broadcast Specialist

Euplink stands out with its expertise in consulting, distribution, and system integration, fostering close relationships and a customer-centric approach. Our success is primarily built on strong partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

With our experience and enduring commitment to our clients and partnerships, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of tailor-made services and solutions.

We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, including SMPTE ST2110 and virtualization, while maintaining our expertise in TSoIP, SDI, and RF.

Drawing from our history, we are well-equipped to support various projects, such as contribution, RF transport, network management, SDI to 2110 transition, monitoring, and video walls, among others.

Beyond mere hardware distribution, our true added value lies in our ability to advise and integrate solutions tailored to your specific environment. We have successfully completed numerous large-scale projects, showcasing our expertise and capacity to tackle the most complex technical challenges.

Various large-scale projects undertaken by Euplink

Beyond hardware distribution, our added value lies in our capacity to advise and integrate solutions within your environments. Euplink has undertaken various large-scale projects, including:

  • Deployment of a channel contribution manager for France 3
  • Commissioning of various video network head-ends, both for renewal and new setups
  • Creation of fiber contributions between different sites in the Paris region
  • Seamless migration of end-of-life systems to new infrastructures
  • Intercontinental contributions over public IP

We maintain our presence even after project deployment, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the systems. We stand by your side throughout the platform’s lifecycle, offering our support capabilities. This ensures you benefit from local assistance that fully understands the solutions within YOUR work context!

Our history affirms that a relationship built on trust and longevity is the most potent driving force. Whether you are a television channel, service operator, institution, or telco, our primary objective is to fulfill the needs you express to us!

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Our journey is marked by significant projects that we have successfully accomplished, demonstrating our proven expertise and ability to overcome the most complex technical challenges.